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Resorts in Puerto Galera | Big La Laguna Beach Resorts

Resorts in Puerto Galera
Beautiful Big La Laguna Beach Resorts

  • Puerto Galera Resorts Big La Laguna Beach
  • Puerto Galera Resort
  • Puerto Galera Resorts Big La Laguna Beach
  • Puerto Galera Resorts Big La Laguna Beach

Our Resorts in Puerto Galera provide a wide variety of beautiful beachfront accommodation options, as well as a full-service Scuba Diving Centre, bars, restaurants and great places to relax and enjoy yourself.

Campbell’s Beach Resort and Scandi Divers Resort are both located on Big La Laguna Beach, which is arguably one of the nicest beaches in Puerto Galera. Big La Laguna Beach is only a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Sabang, yet far enough away to have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and a clean, white sand beach, with Puerto Galera’s warm, clear waters lapping at the shore.

Our Resorts in Puerto Galera suit all budgets!

Between Campbells Beach Resort and Scandi Divers Resort, we have a wide variety of beachfront accommodation to suit anybody’s budget.

From cosy beachfront bungalows, to well appointed penthouse rooms and 1 and 3 bedroom suites. All our accommodations, are situated right on the beach and offer spectacular views of Puerto Galera’s beautiful waters and surrounding islands.

Diving in Puerto Galera

The diving in Puerto Galera is simply out of this world! There are more than 40 dive sites around Puerto Galera, and most of them are only a few minutes boat ride away from our resorts. Scandi Divers Resort has a very well equipped, full service Diving Centre, complete with it’s own swimming pool for training sessions. Our friendly and professional instructors have many years of experience both internationally and locally. They take great pleasure in sharing the underwater delights Puerto Galera has to offer, and will make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Our dive center also offers Scuba Diving for all levels of divers, from those totally new to diving all the way up to Instructor training. If you have never dived before, the Discover Scuba course takes only a few hours, and you will get the chance to do a closely supervised open water dive! Follow the links to find out more about Diving in Puerto Galera, Diving Courses and Puerto Galera’s Dive Sites.